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Business Websites

At Gigsite, we understand what it takes to have and run a successful business website. With that in mind, we have put together a wide range of high quality and effective business website services. These services include:

  • 30-min Video Consultation - It is crucial that we learn as much as we can about you and understand what your business does, who it does it for and why so that we can give you the best support to help you meet your goals for your website. Therefore, we offer a free-of-charge, 30-minute video consultation where we cover the basics of your business – what, when, and how.

  • Domain Purchase/Hosting Support - A domain name is important and can make all the difference between having a successful and highly visible site and one that disappears into obscurity. As well as helping you find a good domain name, we will also provide information on buying it and how to sync it with your business website.

  • Built on WordPress, Wix, Webflow or Squarespace - At Gigsite, we have experience and expertise using all modern content management systems and site builders including WordPress, Wix, Webflow and Squarespace. These are great options if you want an effective and efficient website that is easy to edit, update and maintain, without knowledge of coding and other more complicated skills.

  • Basics of SEO - When you have a live website, our team here at Gigsite can help you to hit the ground running by increasing your business site’s chances of having high visibility on Bing and Google with our basic SEO service. Not only that, but we can help to develop an SEO strategy that will help your site to have continued success.

  • Social Media Integration - If you want your site to be successful, people need to know about it. As most people with access to an internet connection spend a lot of time on social media, you need to have great visibility there. We can help you out with sharing buttons and quick links that you can add to your site to help you and your customers connect.

  • Copywriting - Content is king and to help ensure your website is filled with the best and most engaging content, we have a network of expert copywriters who will help tell your story using the best words.

  • Website Design - Website design is a crucial part of ensuring your business website is successful. We will work in partnership with you, helping you choose the best layout and style for your website that really highlights your business.

  • Stock Imagery - Along with high quality and engaging content, your website should have other points of interest for visitors and potential customers. With our stock imagery, we can supply you with professional images that will help to portray your business in the right light.

  • Guide for Dummies - So, your business site is complete, what is next? This is a problem many new website owners face. With our Guide for Dummies service, we can provide you with all the important fundamentals necessary to owning and running a business website.

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