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Our Unique Approach

At Gigsite, we are proud of the unique approach we take to digitally fit out your business. We have have worked with a wide variety of different industries, sizes of businesses and personalities. We can provide your business with the assistance and guidance it needs to achieve its specific digital vision while supplying the tools and knowledge required to maintain in the future.

When you choose Gigsite, you get passionate and creative, support from us to  consult, gather, build, refine, align, and leave you fully prepared and confident to launch your business into the world.


We will learn everything we can about your business, what you actually do and what makes your customers tick

We will then work with you to fully plan out your goals for your website or eCommerce store


We will collect relevant branding material, key-value propositions, product descriptions, testimonials, and all other business messaging

We will determine, with your assistance and input, the website style that best suits your branding and needs, whether it’s a single page, multi-page, or something more complex.


Our team will create the first draft of your site that includes all the basics to test out its usability and get your constructive feedback


We will then take the feedback you give us and refine the styling of your site. This part of the process is all about ensuring that you get a high-quality product that is something you can be proud of.


Once we have your refined website in place we will test all the forms and other functions including the checkout, shipping selections and marketing integrations to make sure everything works properly before launch.

We will check the consistency of the messaging across all your relevant digital channels


Rather than leaving it all to you, we will provide you with a fully tailormade operating manual for your site to give you full confidence moving forward on your own with it.

We will also provide you with tips and tricks to help you save time and money as you manage your digital business

Benefits of Working With Us

When you choose Gigsite to help you launch your business in the digital sphere you get the following great benefits:

  • More Time

  • Better ROI on Your Investment

  • Local Support


We would love to work with you – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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