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 Online Stores

We offer a full range of services and solutions for online store owners, so check out the following services right now.

  • 30min Video Consultation – We offer a free 30-minute video consultation so we can get to know you! We want to help you take full control of your digital assets. In this video call we will cover what, when, and how, so you know what to expect from us. Fill in the form now, and let’s get started.

  • Shopify Store Setup & Configuration – Shopify is the platform of choice for online stores. Already equipped with all the features to make browsing and buying at your store easy, we know Shopify inside-out and can set up your store with the features you need, leaving you to focus on running your business. Get in touch, and let’s talk about your online store.

  • Basic Shopify Theme Customization – We have the expertise to customise your Shopify store using additions not included in the basic package. We can update forms, amend the checkout process, and change other small details that you want on your store. If your theme is not quite what you want, we’re here to make it perfect!

  • Facebook Business Page Setup – You need a Facebook business page. This is a page especially for business use that gives you greater scope for promotion on your social media pages. You can use our expertise in setting up Facebook business pages that really make an impact, with branding throughout and content that grabs the reader’s attention. Talk to one of our team now and get your brand out there.

  • Facebook Display Ads – Display Ads on Facebook offer a great opportunity to push your brand further and are a must for start-up businesses. Our expert copywriters and ad designers will produce ads that work, so let’s get started!

  • Google Ads Configuration – Google is the website you need to be seen on, and the various paid ad options can be confusing if you are new to the field. Our team are experts in using the Google Ads Manager and can help you get set up and started with your own Google Ads. We know what works, and we will help you launch up the search engine results. If you wish, we can work with you by optimizing your ads on a regular basis or you can take control once you’re set up. The choice is yours, so remember that we’re here to help.

  • Basic Keyword List – Search Engine Optimization can be confusing for the layperson, but we have experts in keyword research and placement who can help with your SEO needs. The right keywords mean more clicks, and more clicks means more business! Let us set it up for you, and then we can offer you a regular optimization service at sensible rates.

  • Product Import – For stores with a large inventory of products we are the people to talk to for fast and accurate importation solutions.

  • Logo and Colour Palette – Whether you want your logo updating or are looking for a new corporate identity, let us do the hard work for you.

  • Guide for Dummies – Finally, we know how daunting it can be launching an online store, so we have put together a user guide for each client we work with. Think of it as your go-to source when you want to refresh your memory about how best to perform online. It’s there to help when needed, and so are we so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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